WIZMUN 2023 | Closing Ceremony

WIZMUN 2023 | Closing Ceremony

The mood was buoyant, the euphoria infectious, as we wrapped up the first edition of the Wisdom Model United Nations Conference this afternoon. As the day unfolded, the excitement was palpable, the engaging buzz in the Committee rooms spoke of anticipation and expectation as student-delegates rounded off their deliberations. For thereafter it was the time for the Closing Ceremony of WIZMUN 2023. And the WIZMUN Awards were waiting for delegates.

Miss Asmita Amaya, Secretary General, WIZMUN 2023, delivered a spirited closing address. Our School Leader and Vice Chairperson, Ms. Panchami Manoo Ukil then  presented the WIZMUN 2023 awards. The smiles, the joy and the claps reverberated around our school as delegates, executive board and organizing committee received the awards, commendations, special mentions and cash prizes.

All good things must come to an end. After the awards were presented, Panchami Ma’am declared WIZMUN 2023 closed with the formal gavel tap. Wishes and thanks were shared all around, amidst the promise of meeting again next year at WIZMUN 2024. And so the curtains came down on our first Wisdom Model United Nations Conference.

As we celebrate the success of WIZMUN 2023, we are poised to take the initiative to the next level with WIZMUN 2024.

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