Jagadish Prasad Naik is an entrepreneur who has been in the business of infrastructure development and construction for the last twenty years. His firm, DN Homes, is an established market leader in this field in Odisha, with many mega projects like DN OxyPark to its credit. An astute visionary, who believes in integrating latest technologies and best practices in all his projects, Shri Naik, being the son of a teacher, holds education very close to his heart. He has always envisioned the setting-up of a world class school in Odisha, and, it is this vision, which lies at the core of the Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence.

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Panchami Manoo Ukil is a school leader with a difference. Multifaceted, spirited, dynamic, Panchami Manoo Ukil has an infectious positivity that reaches out to everyone around her. Passionate about children, she infuses the curriculum with her own brand of original ideas, be it a celebration of our culture and roots, bonding with nature, or, simply, engaging with the little ones with a heart overflowing with love. An inspiration for many and a supportive motivator for the teams she works with, she gathers everyone into a happy circle woven in with her own brand of wisdom, warmth, affection and concern.

A gold medallist in Economics, an avid naturalist and keen photographer, she believes that the prime responsibility of educators is to lead children towards imbibing wisdom that incorporates knowledge, skills and values. A hands-on leader, she emphasizes that we can make a real difference in education only when we consciously make the switch from ‘informational’ to ‘transformational’. She writes naturally and with great spontaneity on issues and matters close to her heart, which endears her readers to ask for more. Her interests and practices are wide ranging, with conviction anchored in the essence of connectedness at the core, grounded in the indomitable human spirit.

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Ratnamala Swain, Director, DN Homes, is a qualified architect and the first woman in Odisha to step into the construction industry as an entrepreneur. A formidable and popular student leader during her college days, she carved a niche in a male-dominated industry, inspiring many other women to follow her footsteps. She is a well-known poet and author and has been the editor of the widely circulated literary magazine “Chitra” for ten years. Having educated both her children in famous international schools of India, Ms. Swain dreamt of setting up a school of similar standards in Odisha, where children of our state could access best quality mentoring and education.

Minati Naik holds an M.A. and M. Phil. in Social Anthropology. She has a PGDM in Journalism & Mass Communication, as well as an MBA in HR & Marketing Management. She was senior faculty at the Centre for Social Science and Research. With the backing of a vast array of educational degrees and teaching experience, Ms. Naik is extremely keen to contribute towards the field of education, as she feels that a sound education goes a long way in nurturing young minds in the right direction.