Chairman's Message

Jagadish Prasad Naik

Chairman, Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence
Chairman, The DN Wisdom Tree Global School

It is a certainty that education is indeed the most powerful tool that can change the world. As the son of a teacher, I could not agree more. In these turbulent times when man is fast losing touch with his inherent ‘humaneness’, I believe that right education will play the most effective role in creating a generation, that will be an amalgam of tradition and modernity, of empathy and excellence.

In my considered opinion, teachers are indeed the moulders of character and subsequent capability. My late father Shri Dasarathi Naik was one such teacher, who devoted his entire life for his students. Needy students were supported and nurtured by him with the best of inputs. It’s a matter of great personal pride to see these successful students today. It is this legacy that I, as his son, would proudly like to take forward through an institution where education of children will be both ethical and sacrosanct. Where education is aimed at delivering holistic excellence for every child who goes through its portals.

The current era of globalization demands multifaceted skill-sets and a liberal education. Traditional divides and barriers are gradually breaking down, as social, political and economic systems give way to a more level playing field. Avenues and opportunities are immense but what will distinguish future leaders and achievers is a sound educational foundation, combined with quick-thinking, superior communication skills, and the ability to cope harmoniously with diverse challenges. This lies at the very core of the mission of Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence and The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, where every child will be empowered with requisite skills and knowledge in order to be responsible global citizens.