Why Us

We inspire our students to continually pursue lives of meaning and purpose.

The DN Wisdom Tree Global School (TWIGS) is currently an early years school that is poised to provide the best of education right up to Grade XII (CBSE curriculum) for Odisha’s new generation. Established in 2017, by Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence, TWIGS is an English-medium, co-educational school. It is committed towards benchmarking education at the highest level by making available the best student development practices. TWIGS nurtures a holistic and progressive curriculum wherein age-appropriate challenges and extra-curricular activities foster knowledge along with inculcation of values, thereby empowering children with all necessary life-skills.

Meet Team TWIGS

Our education system stimulates intellect, hones all-round abilities, ignites passion, and shapes character.


The leadership language at TWIGS is to “carry along” and “enable”. Our children while striving for actualization of their leadership goals, are encouraged to empower their peers by generously sharing their learning with them. They are mentored to develop their “mirror neurons” so that they view their co-learners as equals without any sense of discrimination.


Apart from the prescribed curriculum, our education philosophy incorporates learning programmes that enrich every aspect of a child’s personality. Modern day education is not about building knowledge machines, but creating personalities that are well-rounded and adequately skilled to take on diverse challenges.


Empowerment facilitates building of a spirit of excellence in every child. Facilitators carefully watch the children to understand their capabilities and channelise their skills in the right direction in order to foster excellence. Our children are gently motivated to excel in every sphere.


They respect their teachers, peers and the environment; They practice kindness and treat everyone with compassion. It helps them reach out to collaborate in solving problems.


They demonstrate grit and persevere to pursue goals. They are groomed to be disciplined, self-assured and creative risk-takers in addressing uncertainty and adversity, never taking the easy way out, nor sacrificing the value of the greater good.


They stand firm on ethics, unwavering on integrity, courageous about truth. They accomplish tasks with flair and fortitude and take people along because they know how to share trust and responsibility.

What makes us unique

We apply differentiated and nurturing learning strategies, so that no child is left behind. We would like to groom curious minds who care for their environment. We embrace families with fairness and compassion. We treat parents as partners in the educational process. In fact, teachers, parents, and children are partners in a celebration of learning. We see ourselves as an organization that values continuous professional development. We are committed to selecting good teachers and supporting them with the highest quality of professional development. We stretch to get the best available resources, develop the most state-of-the-art campus, and equip it with cutting-edge facilities. We benchmark ourselves to be better than what is currently available.

Our New Campus

The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, Campus 2 at Sundarpur, Bhubaneswar, is defined by state-of–the-art green environs, with the architecture and landscape providing a fertile ground for constant learning and discovery. Nestling in 13 acres of lush green environs, our campus in Sundarpur is adjacent to the Chandaka-Dampada Wildlife Sanctuary. A new 200 feet wide road connects us conveniently to Patia and Cuttack. From Khandagiri crossing, the seven-kilometre drive to our campus, through a tree-lined avenue, is a soothing experience.

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Our Anthem

The Wisdom of Trees

Trees can be great teachers in real life. Through them, we can learn many of life’s most abiding lessons. We believe our children at The DN Wisdom Tree will imbibe many of these lessons of wisdom as they pass through our portals en route to their respective glorious futures.

Strong roots keep trees grounded

Children should know who they are, and the soil on which they stand, in order to plan their future on a firm footing

Trees have resilience and individuality

Children ought to be prepared to battle many tough situations in life, and yet prevail by using their own wit and wisdom to apply their own approach to weather any storm.

Trees collaborate and co-create

Children, like trees, are destined to discover the interconnectedness of everything in life. Trees co-create an environment that is beneficial to all creatures

Healthy branches and leaves provide value, bear fruit

Having accessed all the nourishment children can get, they grow tall, and having gathered inner strength, flower to share their beauty and bounty with others

Trees leave no waste; every part of it is useful

Children here are meant to understand that in the end, every person, every object and every experience in life has a meaning and a purpose.

Trees inspire us to learn from our past

Children should know what happened in their past and inform their current level of self-awareness to prepare for the future.