“Colour is Life”, said Mary Oliver, one of the world’s most loved poets. Colours define seasons, cultures, rituals and brands, evoke memories, and influence appearance, mood, and spirit. Colours add warmth to the coldplay of monochrome. Colours are important tools of learning as children gain their earliest recognition through markers of colours. Down the ages, colours have been attributed characteristics and values, with Colour Psychology postulating colour as a significant determinant of human behaviour.

Birds. Through the passage of time, human beings across cultures have bonded with birds and relied on them. Birds have carried messages, been a source of supply of food, and have been treated as symbols of power and prestige. They have inspired moral stories, folk tales, music and fashion. All of us wake up to the dawn chorus of birdsong. Birdsong is one of the most divine offerings of nature setting a meditative tone to the day. When we talk of birds, the first thought that arises is “freedom”. These beautiful winged creatures were thought to be the messengers of the gods because of their sheer ability to touch the heavenly skies. Modern aviation is a direct outcome of man’s observation of avifauna. Birds play a critical role in the environment and are considered as important indicators of disruptions in ecological balance.

Sheer magnificence characterises the spectrum of nature. All sentient beings in the universe across species could be defined as miracles of art and marvels of science. Through “SPECTRUM” we invoke this reverence-worthy magnificence of Nature, bringing together birds signifying life and movement, and colours, signifying creativity and consciousness. The four houses that students would belong to will inculcate a sense of belonging with nature as well as values and ethics which the bird and the colours symbolise.


Colour Red symbolises Action and Determination
Strawberry Finch
Finches symbolise Assiduousness


Colour Yellow symbolises Optimism and Intellect
Indian Golden Oriole
Orioles symbolise Communication


Colour Blue symbolises Peace and Integrity
Indian Roller
Indian Roller symbolises Balance


Colour Green symbolises Growth and Positivity
Rose-ringed Parakeet
Parakeets symbolise Cohesiveness