School Mascot


The Irrawady Dolphin is found in the waters of Chilika Lake. It is a threatened species in need of preservation and conservation.

Dolphins are the most intelligent creatures in the animal world, second only to humans. Some scientists say that the brain of dolphins is bigger than humans, making them more intelligent than humans. They are extremely social animals and display exemplary and complex group behaviour like empathy. If a dolphin mother has a baby then the entire group protects and nurtures the baby. They are playful and great communicators. They recognise each other across the sea through their signature whistles.

  • Intelligence / Wisdom
  • Empathy
  • Collaboration
  • Happy / Playfulness
  • Communication

These are some great skills that we look forward to inculcating in our WISDOMITES.

By adopting IRA the Irrawady Dolphin as our mascot, we are raising awareness about the need of conservation of this dolphin species as well as other threatened species of wildlife, reiterating our committment towards green ethics and towards building a band of eco-ethical global citizens of the future.