An Enchanting World of Books

An Enchanting World of Books

The Wisdom Library Sessions

Reading from an early age helps children acquire a larger vocabulary, stronger reading abilities and better comprehension skills. While developing important literacy skills, and fostering imagination, creativity, and critical thinking, reading inculcates a lifelong love for learning that serves children throughout their lives.

At The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, we believe that in this age of instant gratification and technology, every child must be fostered with a love for books. The enchanting world of books must be sustained in order to enable generation next to explore the calm and relaxed activity of reading. In order to inculcate the reading habit and set a reading culture, several specially curated reading programmes are woven into our unique curriculum so that children seamlessly engage with books and emerge as competent readers. No modern gadgetry can ever replace the quaint and comforting warmth of reading a book, as a family, as parent and child, or simply in solitude.

Invigorating reading sessions are part of our days. The school library is one of the best places for children to be and we make sure that their interest is kindled and their curiosity appetite grows amid books.

Now you know why we say we are a school as Unique as your Child!

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