Introduction to AI and VR

Introduction to AI and VR


We’ve set off on our 2024 calendar, with a fresh and robust new series – Igniting Minds, a pioneering step, as we begin mapping our scholastic and co-scholastic journey for the year. This novel programme seeks to have bright young achievers exploring new domains interact with our children, and share experiences in order that our young people get acquainted with new ideas and innovative practices. Thus, the first session was dedicated to a hands-on immersive AI experience.

Jivitesh Debata, our Resource Person is a budding young technologist pursuing his Masters at the Rochester Institute of Technology on a full scholarship, a local lad, we have seen growing and finding his wings to great credit. His academic focus lies at the intersection of AI and aerial robotics, where ​h​e explore​s how drones can autonomously navigate and interact with their environment using complex AI algorithms.

​Jivitesh spent over two hours with students of Grade 6 and 7 this morning, and here is what he had to say after the session:

​”Today, I had the enriching experience of teaching 6th and 7th graders at ​The DN Wisdom Tree ​Global School about virtual reality (VR), showcasing its potential through a hands-on demo. Teaching is always a rewarding endeavor, but the speed and enthusiasm with which these students grasped the VR technology truly amazed me. Their ideas for world building, animation, and even productivity applications in VR were a testament to the creativity of the next generation.

One of the highlights was witnessing their awe as they traveled back in time, experiencing the Konark Temple in its former glory through the immersive VR environment. They also engaged in VR gaming, facing an AI-assisted opponent who is ranked top in the world, which was both educational and exhilarating for them. Additionally, a fitness experience within VR, highlighting calorie loss, demonstrated the versatile application of this technology.

As a computer science student with a focus on AI and automation, seeing these bright, enthusiastic students push the boundaries of VR technology was a profound moment in my journey. It reinforced my belief in the limitless potential of these young minds and the pivotal role of technology in shaping a creative and innovative future.​”

Just one of the reasons why we say we are a  school as unique as your child!

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