No Studies On This Day, It's All Fun And Games in Every Way!

No Studies On This Day, It’s All Fun And Games in Every Way!

Our little people have 1 bagless day at school every month, as proposed in NEP 2020 and mandated in the CBSE curriculum. Fun Days, full of joyous activities, are an integral part of the teaching-learning process. Reducing the gap between bookish knowledge and its applications, and exposing children to skills in work areas hones their focus as well as their abilities. Multi-skill activities foster the development of various skills, as well as aesthetic values, cooperation, teamwork, judiciousness, use of raw materials, creativity, attention to detail, quality, etc., creating the foundation for children to acquire lifelong learning. Learning to do their own chores through games, enjoying storytelling sessions, working on pottery, along with dance, music, quizzes, art and craft – our children imbibe so much through all these fun filled activities.

Do take a look at what a Fun Day at The DN Wisdom Tree Global School is all about!

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