The Wisdom Finishing School Programme Season-IV

Odisha, Our Land

The DN Wisdom Tree Global School has constantly endeavoured to provide a unique learning experience for our beloved Wisdomites, and this finishing school programme benchmarks holistic education in the truest sense of the term. Possibly, the only mainstream school in the country, to embed a finishing school programme for children within the framework of the regular academic schedule, it gives us a sense of deep gratification to know that this unique programme has positively impacted our children and parents, thereby reaffirming our commitment to a transformative system of education.

In its fourth season, WFSP has focused on our state Odisha and its multifaceted heritage, its ancient legacy and its contemporary strengths. We explored the geography of Odisha through this session – Odisha, Our Land. We learnt about its geological features, abundant mineral resources as well as some of the most ancient rock formations. From rivers to forests, from mountain peaks to river basins, lakes and the coastline, children got acquainted with all the geographical uniqueness that makes our state Odisha.

Activity time saw our Wisdomites work with the map of Odisha, identifying districts, rivers and lakes, along with an interactive quiz in which students participated with enthusiasm.

As the fourth WFSP season unfolds, we are all excited about the amazing journeys of learning and interaction that await Wisdomites, mentors and parents.

Odisha's Art Heritage - Sculpture

A specially curated one-of-a-kind interactive programme, WFSP is designed to inculcate a wholesome world view, enable global exposure and encourage personality development by taking children through a gamut of presentations and activities on different subjects of interest. The topics are selected and customized after significant brainstorming and research by an able team of mentors, in making sure that there is great value-add to children’s general knowledge.

In its fourth season, the WFSP lens is on Odisha’s heritage. As part of the ‘Our State is Special’ series, this session revisited Odisha’s ancient sculptural heritage, starting with Ashokan Rock Edicts, and Emperor Kharavela’s stone friezes in Udayagiri Caves, through the Ratnagiri Mahavihara to the Konark Sun Temple, known as poetry in stone. Together, we saw and heard the stories of how these ancient sites were built and how they flourished, and eventually became heritage milestones in the practice of sculpture. We meandered through the legends and the narratives of the key characters, and learnt of the links to contemporary art practice in today’s Odisha. As part of the session, children learnt the rudiments of creating sculptures, duly facilitated by mentors in activity time, post the presentation.

Needless to say, the vibrance of the sessions speaks of the excitement of new discoveries, kindling curiosity in young minds, and nothing could be better on this journey of learning.

Food Heritage – Our Roots & Traditions

It is Season 4 of The Wisdom Finishing School Programme. Children are learning about our food heritage and traditional cuisine as part of the Roots and Traditions module. And as an essential element of the learning sessions, students are engaged in activities that highlight the essence of the subject. This hotspot was reserved for Millets – the Superfood! Children were completely involved in learning how yummilicious Millet-Jaggery Laddoos and Millet Lollipops are made. At The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, millets are a very important part of our every day diet. Since its inception, our school has made millets a key element in the meals we have – from millet cookies and cupcakes to millet khichdi and halwa, now millet laddoos and lollipops, our children partake of delicious millet recipes on a regular basis. The DN Wisdom Tree Global School has been promoting this superfood not just in its in-house dining but also amongst families through special initiatives like the Mummy Ki Rasoi contest – Moms and Grandmoms were invited to share their favourite millet recipes and they won fantastic prizes, awarded by culinary experts. Such initiatives go a long way in bringing millets back into mainstream cooking and regular consumption in households.