Baby Room

Day care is available for all children aged two and above.

The DN Wisdom Tree Global School offers world-class day care facilities for toddlers and kindergarteners. We believe that the problem of gender imbalance in the workforce can be solved only if mothers are supported and facilitated with the right kind of day care for their little ones so that they are enabled to return back to the working space.

Safety, hygiene, nutritious diet, and a well-designed day plan of activities to gently foster skills in the toddlers is what we offer in our specialised day care. Experienced nannies and supervisors ensure that the little ones are nurtured in a caring and stimulating environment. At The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, the only language we speak is the language of LOVE. So come and explore the warmest home away from home for your little ones!

Daycare Timings: 8.30 am – 5.30 pm