New Normal

The entire process of teaching-learning has undergone a major shift ever since the pandemic (Covid-19) struck the world. Fortunately, facilitators / teachers possess this innate quality of quick role transitioning and a continual learning attitude. However, the whole approach of teaching through a virtual platform came with exceptional demands on our existing competencies. We had to re-devise our approach in view of the emerging challenges. Constant research, experimentation and innovation were the key components in the development of our pandemic curriculum planner.

It was critical to maintain equilibrium between the four elements of curriculum namely goal, content, approach and evaluation. Team TWIGS has always believed in maintaining a positive connect with our kindergartners and their parents. Online learning sessions highlighted the fact that the role of parents and teachers was undergoing a paradigm shift and a constructive collaborative effort was imperative. We learnt the value of patience, empathy, and mutual support in education’s new normal.

In the endeavour to make online learning engaging and interesting for the little ones, we conceptualized and designed various hands-on activities based on interesting themes relevant to the curriculum. Attractive worksheets, home room connectors, language enhancing pursuits and value building projects have become our key highlights. However, all work and no play is not conducive for young brains. Hence, energisers like finger aerobics, martial art, music, dance, stories and knowing about our environmental co-habitants (birds, trees) have been woven into the every day online routine.

Virtual methodologies of imparting learning have boosted the confidence and spontaneity of the facilitators, and helped them to understand their children better. Moreover, we take special care to make our online sessions parent-friendly since they are partners in the teaching-learning process.