Team DN Wisdom Tree

Jagadish Prasad Naik is an entrepreneur who has been in the business of infrastructure development and construction for the last twenty years. His firm, DN Homes, is an established market leader in this field in Odisha, with many mega projects like DN OxyPark to its credit. An astute visionary, who believes in integrating latest technologies and best practices in all his projects, Shri Naik, being the son of a teacher, holds education very close to his heart. He has always envisioned the setting-up of a world class school in Odisha, and, it is this vision, which lies at the core of the Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence.

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Panchami Manoo Ukil is a school leader with a difference. Multifaceted, spirited, dynamic, Panchami Manoo Ukil has an infectious positivity that reaches out to everyone around her. Passionate about children, she infuses the curriculum with her own brand of original ideas, be it a celebration of our culture and roots, bonding with nature, or, simply, engaging with the little ones with a heart overflowing with love. An inspiration for many and a supportive motivator for the teams she works with, she gathers everyone into a happy circle woven in with her own brand of wisdom, warmth, affection and concern. A gold medallist in Economics, an avid naturalist and keen photographer, she believes that the prime responsibility of educators is to lead children towards imbibing wisdom that incorporates knowledge, skills and values. A hands-on leader, she emphasizes that we can make a real difference in education only when we consciously make the switch from ‘informational’ to ‘transformational’. She writes naturally and with great spontaneity on issues and matters close to her heart, which endears her readers to ask for more. Her interests and practices are wide ranging, with conviction anchored in the essence of connectedness at the core, grounded in the indomitable human spirit.

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With more than 15 years of working experience in the education industry, Swagatika Dash has in-depth knowledge in project and office management. She is proficient in the technical vocabulary of this sector and possesses fine advocacy skills with intensive knowledge on various counselling models. She is well-versed in affiliation and accreditation processes as well as quality assessment and coordination.

An academic administrator, Rita Chatterjee has over forty years of experience in delivering academic excellence, teaching, student mentoring, and administration. Board member in several higher education councils through the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and the Central Board of Secondary Education. Held senior positions as Principal, Administrator and Director in three top schools of the eastern region.

Linku Naik is a versatile professional serving as Manager, Admissions and HR . With extensive experience in both roles, she excels in managing admission processes, assessing candidate profiles, and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience. Her expertise lies in creating a positive organizational culture, handling HR operations, and fostering effective employee relations. Her dedication and efficiency make her an invaluable asset to the institution.

Lopamudra Pati, a diligent, amicable and enthusiastic person with 13 years of experience in comprehensive teaching in many leading schools. She is a masters in Commerce and has completed her B.Ed. from Kurukshetra University with certifications from British Council on various courses for teachers development. A compassionate, friendly and approachable personality who aims to support and guide her students in her own special ways. She brilliantly executes the ideas on the development of education. She has been loved by students, parents and colleagues for her energetic approach. She is a committed disciplinarian and is an inspiration to many.

Rosy Patnaik is a caring Montessori teacher with more than a decade’s diverse experience in planning and implementing activities to promote physical, emotional, intellectual and social growth of children. Adept at facilitating clear communication between children, parents and fellow staff. Skilled at incorporating a blend of traditional and progressive techniques in daily curricular and co-scholastic activities. A gentle, pleasing personality with a natural charm that children take to easily, and parents trust without hesitation.