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For a child, a school is probably the most influential environment. From the unstructured ambience of a home to the structured framework of a school, the change is extremely high impact. The DN Wisdom Tree Global School, Campus 2 at Sundarpur, Bhubaneswar, is defined by state-of–the-art green environs, with the architecture and landscape providing a fertile ground for constant learning and discovery. Nestling in 13 acres of lush green environs, our campus in Sundarpur is adjacent to the Chandaka-Dampada Wildlife Sanctuary. A new 200 feet wide road connects us conveniently to Patia and Cuttack. From Khandagiri crossing, the seven-kilometre drive to our campus, through a tree-lined avenue, is a soothing experience. While the school’s building and campus must necessarily exude a grandeur signifying power of knowledge, yet, it must have a yielding quality to it so that it is not intimidating for the students. Children must feel a sense of pride for the institution but at the same time, they must also feel nurtured, secure, and empowered by the ambience and aura of the campus. Like our Kindergarten facility, our senior school campus is a product of careful research and calculated design. The architecture of the building has been crafted by one of the foremost design experts in the education sector to reflect all aspects of global modernity and ease of operations. There is a lot of synergy between built-up and outdoor spaces in order to facilitate the spirit of free progress. While the design integrates latest technologies, lessons of timelessness and sustainability begin right from the architecture and space planning. The school building tells the story of green sustainability and concern for the environment through materials used, design structure, spaces, landscaping, etc. Every path, corridor and open space sparks curiosity as well as peace and sublimity. We are blessed with the presence of many old trees on site which inspires our architectural model. One or two activity-oriented spaces are to be woven around a cluster of large trees. We are projecting ourselves as a “green school” that will incorporate “green practices” in everyday curriculum. The vision is to have a blend of grandeur, aesthetics, security, local traditions and values, and sustainability ethics, so that we are perceived by parents and the community as committed and different. We look forward to this campus being a benchmark in educational architecture in the country.