Beyond the Basics

“This is our world and it is our responsibility to cherish it” said Carl Sagan.

As believers in the interconnectedness of the earth we live in, we are deeply concerned about what we are leaving behind for our children. While sophisticated gadgetry has replaced the fun of playing in open spaces and natural habitats, this disconnect is the reason for lack of awareness about the natural world that surrounds us and nourishes us. It is immensely important to tell our children that we need clean air, clean water, and trees in order to survive. That we cannot endlessly pollute the environment. That in our own small ways, we must inculcate green practices in our everyday lives so that we minimize our carbon footprints on this beautiful earth whom we call our Mother.

Our children have to be the torchbearers for rebalancing this planet. Therefore “green education” and “sustainability” will be constant buzzwords in theory and practice at The Wisdom Tree Global School. We shall be striving to create a bond between nature and our children so that we can create our own band of little “green crusaders” who can inspire a “green consciousness” through their habits and practices.