The DN Wisdom Tree Global School is happy to collaborate with Bakul Foundation for the “gift of education” initiative. This pandemic has thrown up a grave reality; the reality of online divide. As an educational institution, we are intricately involved in the dynamics of online education during the last seven months and we know how critical it is to facilitate students who lack access to devices and internet.

A new smartphone with adequate screen size costs INR Five Thousand. We spend many times this amount on a dinner at a restaurant, a holiday trip or even on a saree. Could we forego one of these extravagances and facilitate one child to attend online classes – if every one of us could facilitate one child each, we’d empower a huge number of such needy children with the gift of education. Old phones with battery and charger in working condition would also be of great help to a child instead of lying unused at home.

The gift of education is precious. Let’s open our hearts for every child deserves this gift.