Basant Panchami gave us the opportunity to familiarise the little ones with a new bird – the Swan, which is the vehicle of Goddess Saraswati.

The Swan is believed to be an embodiment of wisdom as it is believed that the bird uses its sense of discernment to separate milk from water. This is an allusion to the all-important virtue of being able to choose wisely from the options thrown at us in the course of the journey of life.

Our kindergarteners were shown pictures of various types of swans and children of KG II, mentored by Dhruvee Vegad, crafted a beautiful paper swan.

Integral to our festive tradition is making torans for doorways with leaves of mango and devadaru, and, drawing jhoti-chita or alpana on ground and walls with rice flour paste. As part of the run up to Basant Panchami, our little kindergarteners crafted leaf torans and created jhoti-chita on slate boards with their fingers and paintbrushes dipped in rice flour paste, in keeping with our traditional and eco-friendly methods.

Developing fine motor skills along with ingraining love for our roots and culture and inculcating a sense of aesthetics is a conscious and continuous process at The DN Wisdom Tree Global School Kindergarten.