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01 Jan

Your aspiration vs his dream


A happy and secure childhood is crucial for a sensible and balanced adulthood. But, is childhood today as carefree and joyous as it should be? No, say many, because the tough competitive world has not spared the children too.
Right from Kindergarten, children are put to the test. Like child labour, it is a serious issue that needs to be tackled.


In some families there is too much of love, but too little understanding. Parents love their children from the time of their birth; they seem to know what is best for them and carry on their mission with force and vehemence. It is a tough world they know, so their wards will have to be guided and coerced to follow the prescribed path. Lives of many children thus revolve around good grades.


Some parents overlook the fact that before they mould their child into the model of their dreams, they have to make him or her, first and foremost, a sensible individual who can face the world with confidence. Growing up is a sensitive and vulnerable phase. A thoughtless remark may wreck a child while a rewarding pat of appreciation may make him bloom.


In a secure atmosphere, children have to be encouraged to talk freely and fearlessly. Their hopes and aspirations may seem silly. But talking it over without any pressure is crucial. In many cases it is in these tension-free sessions that children discover their vocation. Certain children fear scorn so much that they fear to voice their opinions.


Most of them have an inborn talent or gift, which, sometimes before it could bloom, is plucked in the bud. There should be no cause for panic, if the child shows no specific interest, especially when he is in the smaller classes. On reaching his teens he would know where his interests lie. If children do not measure up to parents’ dreams, the parents should remember the child also has the right to choose. Trouble brews in when views contrary to the child’s aptitude are imposed. Ill feelings harboured against parents on this issue may last a lifetime.


Though their own flesh and blood, children are separate entities and have different wavelengths. So, parents who nurture dreams and ambitions for their children, remember every child has his or her dream. Give an opportunity to express and fulfil those dreams.


For a true parent’s happiness lies in the happiness of the child.

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