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Tree: Rootedness, Tolerance, Selflessness, Healing, Enlightenment, Nature.

Book: Knowledge, Wisdom, Power, Eternal.

Pen: Power, Expression, Communication, Creativity, Enduring.


Stand tall and rooted like a tree, weathering storms, providing shade and succour, transcending barriers and boundaries, reaching skywards.
There’s no greater empowerment for a nation than educated citizens. Let books empower you with the undiminishing gifts of knowledge and wisdom.
May your pen enable you to clearly communicate and generously disseminate your learning. May the power of your pen always remain mightier and more effective than the power of any sword.



Orange – Joy

Blue – Solidity

Black – Universality


Let the learning process at TWIGS envelop you with joy as you solidly gather unto yourselves all those distinctions that will steer you towards universality and excellence.

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