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The Wisdom Tree Global School (TWIGS) is pleased to announce the opening of its pre-primary section in Kalinga Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, which embraces a global perspective of education. Through a blend of traditional and modern learning methods, learning would be made a joyful experience for the tiny ones.
Established in 2017, by Dasarathi Naik Foundation for Excellence, The Wisdom Tree Global School Kindergarten is an english-medium, co-educational pre-primary school. It is committed towards benchmarking pre-primary education at the highest level by making available the best education practices. TWIGS Kindergarten nurtures a holistic and progressive curriculum wherein age-appropriate challenges and extra-curricular activities foster knowledge alongwith inculcation of values, thereby empowering them with all necessary life-skills.
From the pre-primary section, our children will graduate to our upcoming CBSE K12 school campus in Sundarpur. Our high school building is planned amidst an expanse of lush greenery where state-of-the-art education facilities blend with eco-friendly technologies in order to fulfil our goal of revolutionizing the education landscape through sustainability.

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